Digital TV solution

Qubit Digital TV solution guarantees all guests will receive the same excellent picture quality regardless if the channel is sourced locally, terrestrial digital, satellite, cable subscriber, or form a local IP source. In order to ensure consistent and superior picture and audio quality, Qubit Digital Headend equipment capture the entire signal content and then encapsulate that quality into DVB-T or IP form. 

Qubit DVB-T refers to the transmission of signals (video and audio) over the existing coaxial networks.


The Qubit Digital TV system fulfills the following:

·        fully digital broadcasting from the primary reception source

·        capability to manage the following standard transmission system:

o       DVB-S

o         DVB-T

o       DVB-C

·      capability to accommodate more than 50 channels

Qubit DTV system is really flexible and scalable. If more channels are required, it is possible to add encoders and DVB-T modulators to the systems to grow the system according to hotel needs and possibility.

The TV channel menu is automatically updated, without need to access the rooms to modify TV sets or SBB parameters.

The hotel can easily add exclusive channels with information on the services and facilities, the activities in the convention rooms or any other type of information.